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Four Ways to Have a Magical Morning

One of the hardest things for many of us is getting up early and getting out the door for our day jobs. Some of us are lucky enough to have time in the morning to read the cards or meditate, but many of us barely manage to get up and shower before shuffling off to work. Fortunately, there are ways we can infuse a little bit of magic and spirituality into the toughest time of day, and all they require of us is a little extra attention. Here are some methods I've found helpful.

1. When you wake up, as soon as you've turned off your alarm, finished cursing the cruelty of the clock, and moaned "noooooo" a few times, take a deep breath and say "thank you". It might be hard to feel grateful at such a moment. But there are things to be grateful for at 6:00 in the morning (or whatever time you wake): You can say thank you for another day, for your comfortable bed, for the chance to sleep beside the one you love, for the chance to sleep peacefully by yourself or with your pets. There's no need to get flowery or try to be creative: you can be thankful for the same thing every day. The point of this exercise is to begin your day focused on gratitude. One's attitude, and one's will, are essential components of magic. It takes effort to transform them, so it's beneficial to make small moments throughout the day to work on cultivating positivity. To make the magic even more potent, write it down in a gratitude journal so you can go back and look at your list when you need a boost.

2. When you pour (or purchase) the first cup of your morning brew, bless it. You can be quiet and subtle about this if you aren't alone. Thank the gods (or the universe, or who/whatever you pray to) for the energizing magic of what you are about to drink. Imagine joy and health infusing your beverage, and feel those energies enter your body when you take your first sip. If you use symbols in your magical practice, and you feel comfortable doing so, draw those symbols on the side of the cup or in the air above it with your finger. Make sure you take at least one drink of your brew in full awareness of what you are doing, focused on your gratitude and the pleasure of the moment. For more magic, find a special mug to use as part of your morning ritual. Look for one that makes you smile, reminds you not to take yourself too seriously, and/or reminds you magic is everywhere.

3. Use your shower as a daily purification ritual. At the very least, be grateful for the blessing of clean, running water. Spend a moment focusing on how pleasant the water feels, and visualize the water washing away your weariness, tension, or negative emotions. Feel it clear away chaos and doubt, and bring healing and calm to your spirit.

To take it one step further, you could choose natural, herbal soaps according to their magical properties. Rosemary, sage, and lavender are all purifying herbs with pleasant scents. You could also choose lavender or chamomile soap for peace and calm, rose or jasmine soap for love and sensuality, or citrus, pine, fir, or juniper for an uplifting and energizing shower. If you really need extra help clearing away stagnant or negative vibes, look for a bar of soap made with sea salt, or try a salt scrub. (There are many lovely ones you can purchase, but you can also make your own.)

4. Reconsider your commute. (I'll admit, this one is the hardest one for me! But I've been trying the following practices and they really do help.) Listening to music that feels magical and uplifting can change your state of mind. You can also use your commute to continue cultivating gratitude by listing things you appreciate about your job or your life. If you get stuck in traffic, try thinking about not only what you're grateful for, but also what your intentions are for the day.

You might make a talisman for your car, something to remind you of magic or to protect and soothe you. I created one with a quartz point (to generate magical, positive energy), a tiny glass bottle of mugwort (for magical protection, and because mugwort is one of the most magical herbs to me), a black feather (to represent the goddess) and a tiny anthropomorphic twig I found (to represent the god).

You could also use rose quartz, lepidolite, amethyst, or blue lace agate beads for their loving, soothing energies, and perhaps a small goddess charm or a tiny pentacle. You could keep a little pouch of magical herbs within reach, so you can hold it and inhale the fragrance when traffic is slow. I recommend lavender, rosemary, and mugwort, but you can use any herbs that are pleasant and meaningful to you.

Of course it's important to remember to focus on safe driving first. But there are many pauses in the average commute, and you can use them to refocus on spirit. And when you arrive at your destination, don't forget to thank the universe for your safe journey.

These are my top four methods for transforming my morning. If you have any tips for a magical morning, share them in the comments!

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