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About Michelle

"We look to ... the edges. There's a lot of edges, more than people know. Between life and death, this world and the next, night and day, right and wrong ... an' they need watchin'."

Sir Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

I grew up at the edge of a wood, in a house at the edge of a town at the edge of the water. I attended a school which stood on the edge of a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. I spent my childhood and teenage years walking the water's edge and the paths between trees. With the help of stories and a forest full of spirits, I grew up with one foot in the Otherworld, always hovering at the edge of so-called reality.

Michelle Simkins

I live ate the edge of the city now, in a neighborhood full of its own in-between places, peppered with rambling, shady parks full of feral trees, weeds, and the occasional community garden. I still live at the edges and inhabit the in-between places, and I'm still trying to learn to dwell in many worlds simultaneously, to see many truths layered atop one another, to hold within myself apparent dualities.


I'm dedicated to the Mórrigan, an Irish Goddess, inciter of battles, utterer of prophecy, champion of sovereignty, and so very much more. I'm in the process of becoming Her priest. I write for the polytheist witch community, to help us grow closer to the Gods and each other, and for the Land, to help us learn to have a better relationship with the living earth. And I write for the creative community, to help us find inspiration and create with more deliberate intent.


You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and my knitting patterns are available on Ravelry. Links below.

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Image by Annie Spratt

Michelle Simkins

polytheist . writer . maker . witch

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