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A Witch's Prayer for Peace

We pray for peace in the east, for the peace of air. Let us breathe for peace. Let us inhale sorrow and strife, and exhale peace. Let our breath be an instrument of peace. Let our breath carry words of peace, words that heal, words that unite. Let our breath swell with songs of love.

We pray for peace in the south, for the peace of fire. Let us burn with the desire for peace. Let us learn to transform hate into love as quickly as fire transforms paper into ash. Let us sit around fires in the dark singing songs of love and peace. Let us invite others into our campfire circle, and learn their stories and their songs.

We pray for peace in the west, for the peace of water. Let us learn to flow with the currents of our lives. Let us remember the cool, healing cleansing of water. Let us bathe in the waters of compassion and forgiveness. Let us offer a cool drink to our brothers and sisters who have been too long in the wilderness without refreshment.

We pray for peace in the north, the peace of earth. Let us learn to walk more lightly on the precious ground. Let us be rooted in love, let us plant seeds of peace and harvest the fruit of unity. Let us find common ground, for we are all the children of this mother earth.

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Michelle Simkins

polytheist . writer . maker . witch

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