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A Prayer for Inspiration

Standing stone on a hill with flowers under a grey sky, with the words "A Prayer for Inspiration"

The Polytheist Devotional Arts Challenge begins Tuesday, and I know many of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed, or unprepared, or are wishing we were more skilled than we are. So I thought I'd share this prayer for inspiration with you all: both to just break the ice and to "come out" as a person who writes prayer poems for the Gods. And this is a prayer for all of us, not just myself, even though it is in first person. If it inspires you, feel free to use it for yourself, adapting it to fit your Gods as needed.

A Prayer for Inspiration

Oh Gods of skill, if you would,

Fill my cauldron with the glow

Of poetic inspiration,

To create works worthy of you

To shape words in your honor

To stir the hearts of your chosen people

Ever more toward devotion.

Let the words I write for you

Be worthy of belonging to you

Be a beacon to those who seek you

So we can come to you

Filled with reverence

And immeasurable love

-Michelle Simkins, May 2021

If this post inspired or informed you, or just made you happy, feel free to buy me a cup of ko-fi. Your support helps with the cost of web hosting and other expenses, allowing me to spend more time creating free content.

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