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Friday Flora, Foggy Flora

We're finally settling into our new home, and life is beginning to assume a steadier rhythm after two whirlwind months. This morning I looked up from my keyboard and saw thick fog all around, and I had to go outside to soak in the magic, if only for a few minutes.

Red Cedar Fronds, With Fog

There are so many unfamiliar trees and shrubs on this lot. For example:

I'm guessing perhaps it's some sort of viburnum - a very large one - but I'm really not sure. Also, there is this beauty:

Which a helpful person on Twitter says might be a bush honeysuckle.

I'll keep an eye on it - at the very least, I'll know when it blooms in the spring.

This is a great place for spiderwebs, and the vapor in the air caught on this one like tiny crystal beads.


So what's blooming, falling, or changing colors in your world? I'd love to see your pics! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter, or use #FridayFlora and share the beauty. While you're on Instagram you can see more of my obsessive pics of the yard, and more spider webs too. Hope to see you there!

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Image by Annie Spratt

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