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Polytheist Devotional Arts Challenge 2021 Prompts

Birch bark background with the words Polytheist Devotional Arts Challenge Daily Prompts.

The Polytheist Devotional Arts Challenge begins June 1. Here is the list of daily prompts for inspiration. Feel free to use as many or few as you like, or ignore them altogether, whatever works for you.

  1. prayer

  2. love

  3. offering

  4. devotion

  5. promise

  6. transformation

  7. ritual

  8. reciprocity

  9. breath

  10. song

  11. listen

  12. sacrifice

  13. courage

  14. visions

  15. dream

  16. joy

  17. mystery

  18. initiation

  19. service

  20. lore

  21. inspiration

  22. community

  23. strength

  24. wisdom

  25. death

  26. ancestors

  27. worship

  28. vessel

  29. embody

  30. liminal

I also made us a handy graphic, which you can download and share on social media if you like!

Birch bark background with a list of daily prompts for the challenge (prompts are also listed in post)

And don't forget, if you want to connect with other participants, don’t forget to include #DevotionalArts2021 in your posts. I'll be participating on both Twitter and Instagram, and I hope to see you all there.

If this post inspired or informed you, or just made you happy, feel free to buy me a cup of ko-fi. Your support helps with the cost of web hosting and other expenses, allowing me to spend more time creating free content.

Birch bark background by Munro Studio, courtesy of

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