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Get Ready for the Polytheist Devotional Arts Challenge

Updated: May 23, 2021

Lately my Gods have been pushing me to write more for Them, and especially to write poetry, which is a challenge that really puts me outside my writing comfort zone. As I was pondering the elusive nature of inspiration, and how showing up every day, inspired or not, is how I get from here to “written”, I thought of how much joy and community support I find whenever I participate in a monthly challenge.

So this June, I would like to invite you all to join me in a month-long devotional arts challenge on Twitter and/or Instagram.

Cup of art supplies between two candles with the words "Get Ready for the Polytheist Devotional Arts Challenge"

The point of the challenge is to stretch our creative muscles in order to honor our Gods. Here’s how it will work:

  • I will provide a list of daily prompts to help generate ideas and inspiration throughout the month. Use the prompts only if they appeal to you and/or inspire you.

  • You will set yourself a challenge to meet, whether that’s to create something every day, create a set number of pieces by the end of the month, try a new-to-you medium, or whatever you like, so long as it honors your Gods.

  • You will choose which medium you want to work with: poetry, prayers, drawings, fiber arts, ANY art form qualifies, as long as you can work with it in a devotional capacity. You can use the same art form all month, or mix it up.

  • We will support each other as we all use our creative work in devotion to the Gods we worship.

  • You can share on social media as much or as little as you like. If your work is too personal to share (I suspect at least some of it will be), you can still chat with other participants about the process, brainstorm with friends, give and receive encouragement, and realize you are not as alone in your acts of reverence as you might think you are.

  • You can connect with other participants by using #DevotionalArts2021 on Twitter and Instagram, or chat with other witches about your experience on The Winding Way discord server.

I’ll post the full list of prompts on the blog, Twitter, and Instagram on May 31st. See you then!

If this post inspired or informed you, or just made you happy, feel free to buy me a cup of ko-fi. Your support helps with the cost of web hosting and other expenses, allowing me to spend more time creating free content.

Artwork by Jaq (@SoLintheHouse). Used with permission.

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1 Comment

Kalen Cap
Kalen Cap
May 31, 2021

Sounds good. Hoping more polytheist devotional community develops online with this and similar projects.

Image by Annie Spratt

Michelle Simkins

polytheist . writer . maker . witch

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