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Cloaking and Glamours: Guest Post by Author Kirsten Weiss

I stumbled onto Kirsten Weiss's blog through Pinterest, and immediately knew I had to read her Doyle Witch cozy mysteries. So far they've been my favorite reads of the summer--so when she agreed to do a blog trade with me, I was thrilled. After you read her post, click on over to her blog to read my post on the basics of smoke purification. And now, here's Kirsten.

In literature and movies, we often see magicians making themselves invisible through “cloaking.” Harry Potter, for example, had an actual cloak that made him invisible. Cloaking and glamours are two sides of the same magical coin – altering people’s perception of you. Here’s how they work.

The first step in any magical working is to get clear on what you want. This may sound simple, but often your subconscious and conscious wants are at odds. Consciously, you may be prepping for a party and want to look awesome, so you decide to cast a glamour. But if subconsciously you want to hide, your glamour probably isn’t going to work.

The easiest way to get your subconscious and conscious intents into alignment is with emotion. Using the example of a glamour, take three minutes to sit quietly and imagine yourself lighting up the room wherever you’re going. Imagine heads turning, people smiling and being drawn to you. Then imagine yourself feeling confident and happy. Really try to feel that emotion. (It may take several attempts to get there, but soon it will become easier).

Once you’re feeling it, make a magical gesture that says glamour to you. For me, I make v’s of my index and middle fingers and, without touching my face, draw my fingers from my nose out to the edges of eyes (think 60’s go-go girl).

Next, say a magical phrase that triggers this glamour feeling for you. It can be anything – hey gorgeous, looking good – whatever makes you feel confident and glamorous.

For a cloak, you’d take the same approach. Again, take three minutes to imagine you walking down the street or into a room and no one noticing. You are a ninja, silent and invisible. Imagine yourself pulling in your power, so it’s available whenever you want it but unseen. Feel your subtleness and your firm intent to go unnoticed (you won’t be invisible, a cloak will only make your less noticeable). And while you are going unnoticed, your gaze, both intent and disinterested, notices everyone around you. Your calm gaze gently meets others’ – but only for a moment – and as they pass people avert their eyes, forgetting they saw you.

Next, make a gesture that says “cloaked” to you. You could, for example, mime covering yourself head to toe in a cloak. I have a friend who’s very “earthy”, and she mimes pulling up the earth and covering herself like a blanket in it. Then attach a magical word of your choice to the spell.

Er, just make sure you never cloak and drive. You definitely don’t want to be invisible on the road!

At a certain point, you won’t need to meditate. All you’ll need to do is make your gesture and say the word, and the feeling will come automatically. As with everything, practice makes perfect!

About the Author

Kirsten Weiss writes genre-blending cozy mystery, urban fantasy, and steampunk suspense, mixing her experiences and imagination to create a vivid world of magic and mayhem.

View her published works on her Amazon author page.

Sign up for her free, online Kitchen Witch course HERE.

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