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Clearing Unwanted Energetic Attachments: A Free Guide

Hello friends, I have a gift for you!

Four human hands with black ribbon wrapped around them, and the words "Clearing Energetic Attachments by Michelle Simkins"

Over the weekend I gave a free workshop to members of my favorite Discord server, The Bonefire Inn. The server is a gathering place for devotional polytheists and witches, with an emphasis on kindness, inclusivity and accessibility. You can find us here:

The workshop covered the process of finding and removing unwanted energetic attachments (or cords), and techniques for protecting yourself from further attachments going forward. It's a technique I originally learned from a reiki master many years ago, and have expanded on in my own practice over the years. I believe it's an essential skill for anyone with an esoteric practice, so I converted my workshop notes to a 9 page PDF, which is now available on my Ko-fi page as a "pay what you want" offering. There's no obligation to pay if you can't afford to: I want this information to be as widely accessible as possible. I hope you will find it easy to understand and helpful.

Image of hands wrapped in ribbon by an anonymous user on Pixabay, a royalty free image sharing site.

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Image by Annie Spratt

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